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Bangladesh Bites: A Culinary Journey Through 6 Unexplored Districts Foods


Bangladesh, a country rich in culinary diversity, offers a multitude of regional delicacies that are yet to be discovered by many. In this blog post, we will take you on a gastronomic journey through the 21 districts of Bangladesh, each with its unique, underrated food.

Molida – Barisal

Molida is a cool drink that’s been around in the Barisal region for ages. It’s a big hit during local festivals. But, it’s kind of a bummer that a lot of the younger folks haven’t heard of it.

Kajir Bhat – Faridpur

Kajir Bhat is a traditional dish from the rural areas of Bangladesh, particularly in the regions of Dhaka, Bikrampur, Faridpur, Barisal, Khulna, and Jessore. It’s a unique type of rice dish that is prepared in a special way and has a distinct sour taste.

Patakshir – Munshiganj

Photo Credit: Jiyobangla

Patakshir, a renowned dessert from the Bikrampur region, specifically the Munshiganj district of Bangladesh, enjoys widespread popularity. This delicacy, a unique variant of the ubiquitous kheer, is distinctively served wrapped in banana leaves, earning it the name Patakshir. Interestingly, this dessert also doubles as a filling for the traditional Bangladeshi patisapta pitha. While Patakshir is savored all year round, its demand notably surges during the winter season.

Bibikhana Pitha – Munshiganj

Picture Source: Pinterest

Bibikhana Pitha is a classic sweet snack from Munshiganj. This pitha is a real star in the winter pitha lineup. Its yummy flavor sticks with you for a while. The secret to its awesomeness? A spot-on recipe. This winter, you can whip up these fun pithas and make your loved ones’ day.

Semai Pitha – Bagerhat

Photo Credit: Dhakapost

In the chilly winter days, the flavor of various cakes made with date jaggery just lingers in your mouth. Semai Pitha is a top pick among these. This pitha goes by different names in different regions. But since its preparation method is quite similar to semai, it’s often referred to as semai pitha.

Mocha Bhat – Chattogram

Mocha Bhat from Chattogram is a unique dish It presents the basic process of making ‘Rice Mocha’ in Chittagong Nirza style. Needless to say, rice mocha is one of the original and original food culture of Chittagong.

Certainly! In our next part, we’ll explore the delicious food from another district. Stay tuned for more mouthwatering discoveries! 

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